XPay 应用程序安装步骤
  1. 点击下载, 然后请选择“安装”. 您可以从桌面上检查安装进展。
  2. 安装完毕后请到设置 > 通用. 向下滚动 直到您看到设备管理.
  3. 请点击设备管理 (Blackhead Printers Pte Ltd) 接着请点击信任 Blackhead Printers Pte Ltd
  4. 回到桌面后, 请执行XPay 应用程序. 安装步骤完毕!欢迎使用XPay!
  5. 若须视频示范信任安装,请点击此链接
下载 APP
iOS XPay App Installation steps:
  1. Download App, you be prompted to install the app. Press on “Install”. You can find your app on your desktop while installation is in the process.
  2. Once the installation is complete, go to Settings > General. Scroll down until you see Device Management.
  3. Press on Device Management (Blackhead Printers Pte Ltd) Press on the certificate and Trust the app.
  4. Back to desktop, press on XPay app. Wa-la! It’s done!
  5. For video demonstration on Trust Certificate setup, please visit here.
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